Gravity Assisted Water Pumping & Water Purification
Military Spec - No Electricity Required - Human Powered 

The Feltenberger Pendulum Pump with advanced water processing equipment is specifically designed to produce safe clean drinking water from virtually all contaminated and dirty water sources.

The GP210 General Purpose Pump

The GP210 is a hand-operated suction type water pump that canlift water approximately 25 feet (7.6 meters) at sea level from the water source to the pump at a rate of up to 17 US gallons (64.35 liters/per minute.  The momentum of the swinging pendulum provides agravity-assisted advantage that allows the operator to work the pumpwith at least five-times less fatigue than any other hand-operated pump.This translates into the operators ability to pump by hand up to 1,000 US gallons (3785 liters) of water per hour with very little fatigue.

Well suited for irrigation, the GP210 is available on a stationary A-Frame, a mobile traileror as a stand-alone unit to be installed on your own stanchion.  The Pendulum on the GP210weighs just 40 lbs. and is 48 inches long.  A selector pin on the axle changes the length ofthe linear stroke to change the flow rate/pressure of the water being pumped.  This allows the operator to pump pressurized water, up to 80 psi. with nearly the same effort requiredto maintain the swinging of the pendulum with no water pressure.  There is No other hand-operated pump in existence today that can pump water at these volumes or pressure.

The GP210 Water Treatment System

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