or the lack of it
is at the heart of Global Warming.

Water is the thermoregulator of the planet - the regulator of heat.
Without water there is no evaporation and heat accumulates.
Soil without "skin" is exposed.

Water is the natural thermoregulator of just about everything on the planet - including the planet. We are mostly water and we use water to cool us down. Ice in your drink and water in the radiator. Without water things would just heat up. Everything on the planet, your body, your car, all things require a thermoregulator, all things require water, otherwise the sun would burn us to dust.

There is just as much water on the planet today as there was when it all began - but it's changed because we have changed it... but what have we done? Well, cities have grown from necessity, and expanded quicker than technology did. Now that technology is maturing it's too late to apply to an old city, and suitable only for a new wholistec city, and in this context a city with water attractors... to naturally attract water to the city and within the city.

It's how we think about water - and how we then deal with water.

Heat accumulates s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g the heat out, what I mean by that is the sun's heat is actually "stored (time) and then released (some time) later". This some time later is extra heat, this extra heat is not yet common knowledge, is not yet included as an alternative or different cause of global warming... when it gets so hot you can fry eggs of the side-walk, that's a lot of heat. When your thirsty, the quicker I bring you water, the quicker you are refreshed... but without water you feel the effect of heat longer. Heat Accumulation is stored efficiently in the land and you, and as a consequence drives winds that dry the land further / causing further Heat Accumulation and you thirstier.

By changing the distribution of water on the planet,
By removing trees, clearing land, erecting cities,
we have indadvertedly changed the distribution of heat.
Changing the distribution of heat on the planet,
changes the wind currents, the rainfall patterns and weather.
It's man-made.