Producing Diesel fuel out of plastic waste

Uploaded on Feb 13, 2009

Producing Diesel fuel out of plastic waste
This technology is ready to be commercialized now. 

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convert plastic waste into Diesel fuel D2

the technology is available, now it´s time to search for applications

Samstag, 18. Juli 2009

We have developed a system, generating Diesel fuel D2 from all contaminated plastic waste, except PVC and PET. A small scale plant is up and running in Sissach/BL, Switzerland. Our Diesel car fleet and the near by factory are using this fuel already to power the cars and heat the buildings.
This technology is not new but we got the only functioning plant and our system is the most efficient at the moment

A city like London produces about 50000 mt plastic waste/annual. This plastic waste goes into land fills which are filled up soon.

A large scale projected system will cost about € 20 mio, producing 22 mio lt. Diesel fuel from 22000 mt plastic waste, annually. The cost of producing 1 lt. Diesel fuel is € 0.30.

Now it´s time to find partners in waste management/communities/financing/environment/fuel distributors/retailers needing/using as technology like that to either reduce the plastic waste or produce cheap Diesel fuel.

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