MAGNACOASTER Vortex On Grid System

As reported on their web site:
Comming Soon


This is the first of an line of units for On Grid System:

Unit has a Controller built in for grid throttling, as well as cloudy days. This unit is not the same as other units, more controllers than the other units.

1 Vorktex 14 KW power head

Unit is set up to give only 2 outputs @48V 150A fast pulse DC. This power must be feed into a super cap bank.

2 On grid 5 KW inverters

(Sunny island 5048-US SMA-AMERICA)

2 Super cap banks (MAXWELL BMOD0083 P048 B01)

1 Main box chassis for wall mount or standalone

3 solar panels 375 watt.

$ 45,000.00 USD. plus shipping