South Africa Pioneers Micro-Hydro Power

South African energy pioneer Pat Downey development of micro-hydro power, generating electricity from falling water on a small scale, is transforming rural African communities. Correspondent Jeff Barbee reports.

Mini Hydro project Rwanda

Linx went to Rwanda for UNIDO to look at mini hydro power projects which are being built to provide energy to remote villages that are too far away to be put on the electricity grid. The projects have changed the lives of the villagers, who now have access to run small businesses. 

Most important, the electricity has enabled local schools to get computer-based education, which has the potential to change the lives in the long term. This story was aired on Africa Journal, a programme produced by Thomson Reuters.

Small Hydro Energy for Africa

Small Hydro Energy for Africa - the Sierra Leone Case

UNIDO helps Africa utilize its natural resources in order to produce sustainable energy in remote rural areas. This site in Sierra Leone is part of the Bankasoka river and is one of the locations where the construction of a mini hydro plant should begin later this year. The river - even during the dry season, has the capacity to produce 3 megawatts of renewable energy, according to international research and engineering teams. The location, through which the river flows is a major agricultural area in the North of the country.