Hidro+™ and HidroPlus are a new type of renewable energy. Unlike hydro-electricity, where all the water falls through a penstock into a turbine which turns and generates electricity... Hidro+™ only releases 3% of the water, but under high pressure. 

A high water tower filled with water creates a lot of pressure. The difference of the force of the pressure is this water that supplies the power stokes. The water is then returned to the top, re-filling the high water column enabling repetition.

Hidro+™ harnesses this pressure to drive a unique process using gravity, buoyancy, pressure gradients and gas density gradients. At the top of the water column there is less pressure than at the bottom. The differences of pressure is harnessed by the patented "Reverse Thruster Pressure Equalizer Chamber (RETPEC). The availability and reliability of constant pressure ensures the machine is always primed. 

It is no different than if the wind blew all the time or the sun shone 24 hours - but they don't - but gravity and pressure do. Both are available 24 x 7 - forever. Deep water pressure gradients use gravity and are available 24 HOURS PER DAY EVERY DAY. This is Renewable Energy at its' finest.

Hidro+ by JAMES KWOK

Renewable Energy

Renewable means it renews itself, continuously, forever. There is no inference of time or efficiency, as long as it renews itself. In the case of solar, the sun renews itself everyday, but (from a human perspective) it goes into hibernation overnight - and the next day it renews itself. That makes it difficult for engineers to work out how they can maintain the quota of energy, since there is no solar at night.

Every renewable presented to the world so far suffers from the same irregularities. It is possible to unite different solar and/or wind zones to smooth out the variations - but with this added complication comes added costs - and on top of that we must take into account the weather is changing - which changes the patterns solar and wind technologies are reliant on. Hidro is not reliant on the weather.

It is also important to note that wind and solar average out to at best, 30% efficient. Also, we only have around 30% of each day available to harness the power we need for 24 hour operation. That is, 24 hours of energy must be captured and stored in batteries since only 30% of the day (and on a good day with good weather) is "producing energy". Batteries demand extra costs and complexity. Hidro requires no battery and it matters not if the day is cloudy and there's no wind, as long as we have gravity.

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable Power is different to Renewables like wind and solar 

Sustainable is having enough energy for the whole day.

Power on demand 24 hours a day. 


A Sustainable Power Station
uses renewable energy
is environmentally friendly
works consistently and reliably delivering
base-load electricity
24 hours a day
7 days a week
365 days per year. 

You want sustainable power!

tree-planet med


tree-planet med



HIDRO+™ As a child James Kwok was fascinated by Archimedes, as an adult James became an engineer and designed power stations. Always seeking to improve, James made an out-of-the-box leap and invented a 21st Century Archimedean clean energy solution using the pressure differences in a water column to produce CO2 free electricity.

What has Archimedes "Eureka!" got to do with a Sustainable Power Station? 

It has taken someone very experienced with a variety of technologies like coal-fired power plants, biomass plants, clean coal technology, flywheels and solar - along with his boyhood fascination of Archimedes, (thence Bernoulli and Newton) for Mr James Kwok to design an invention that uses the planet's natural energies - gravity, buoyancy, pressure gradients and gas density gradients - all renewable and freely available - to develop the WORLD'S FIRST SUSTAINABLE POWER STATION.