Climate Change is the modern cholera - air quality hardly rates a mention and any unintentional consequence is way off the radar - we are too busy arguing whether or not CC is a man made CO2 problem or not.

The point being, it matters not whether CO2 is the cause and if it is caused by man - or that cholera wasn't induced by smell - it mattered that the city of London cleaned up the problem... the cholera epidemic.

Of course, in hindsight we realise it was misdiagnosed - cholera was transmitted through water and not air. The smell influenced their thinking.

What we don't receive across the media is that the CO2 from burning fossil is not ordinary CO2. Burning fossil fuels releases CO2 laced with carcinogens.

By lowering CO2 emissions we expect to lower heat, but the detrimental health aspects have been undersold and could be a more immediate threat. 

Doctors for the Environment Australia

dea - doctors for the envir med

“Burning coal results in the release of a toxic cocktail of air pollutants that can cause death and disease. This mixture includes sulphur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, fine soot like particulates and mercury. Exposure to these chemicals has been shown to result in increased hospital admissions, worsening of lung and heart diseases and even sudden death” said Dr Eugenie Kayak, an anaesthetist and Victorian DEA spokesperson... ref.

dea - doctors for the envir med(2011) the Federal Government delayed their decision as to whether a $100 million grant of public funds should be handed to this project. DEA hopes this will allow time for VCAT, Federal and State Governments to make a decision about our energy future that ensures a healthy climate and good local air quality is achievable in all parts of Victoria... ref.

The CO2 that we are reducing is to reduce heat, 
but it's about health too! 

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How many ways does this stink? 
What is the full story?

By removing burning fossil fuels, we reduce CO2 and avoid catastophic climate change
but as An Unintended Consequence... we will be cleaning up the Air Pollution as well.