The Moisture Manager is a highly flexible, almost “all in one” multipurpose planter that is designed to cope with a huge range of soil types and weather conditions. It is a multi-purpose parallelogram planter that can be used as either a disc or tine-style implement.

It’s a parallelogram planter that can follow the contour of the soil and place the seed at the right depth regardless of the soil profile. But it is combined with the traditional stump jump facility allowing it to also avoid obstacles.

It can be used with either a tine-style opener for cultivated soil or a double disc opener for no till farming

No till farming means the stubble is left in the soil which increases the moisture retention. This is very important in a climate prone to long periods of drought. The no-till farming movement is about minimal soil disturbance, maximum moisture retention, better oxygen retention and better yield.

The two most important and unique features of this versatile “opener” are the hydraulically operated parallelogram device that allows the planting boot to place seed at precisely the correct depth regardless of the soil terrain, and the built in “stump Jump” device that allows the invention to be used as a traditional field cultivator as well as a parallelogram planter. It is the only device in the world that has this unique ability.


56 year old Ross Hubbard from near Narrabri in NSW has over 30 years experience in agricultural equipment sales and hands-on application of minimum/zero till farming practices.
Ross was born at Orange in central NSW. He grew up in a farming family and he’s been involved in farming all his life. He went to school in Sydney and then studied Commerce and Accounting at University. 

His first job was in the sugar industry with CSR Limited for 3 years, before entering the farm machinery business in 1979. For 5 years he was based in Albury with the Claas Distributor and then moved to Moree in northwest NSW. He’s been in the retail farm machinery business since 1984. 

Having 4 children, 3 businesses and 1 wife means that his hobbies revolve around the family and farming, but he finds some moments for the passions of rugby, horses and tennis. He has strong family values and believes in social and commercial responsibility. Ross also feels strongly about the need to present the next generation with the land in a better shape that we received it. 

Richard Sulman, from Toowoomba in QLD, has more than 20 years engineering experience in the agricultural, food, forestry, water and energy sectors. He is experienced in project management, technology design, data acquisition, structural component analysis, modelling, manufacturing and comparative product testing. Richard is also a forensic engineer, providing expert testimony in litigation matters where machinery has failed, causing economic loss, injury or death.


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