Passionate soil heath, gardening and agriculture business Munash Natural Fertilizers will welcome television personality and gardening guru Costa Georgiadis to Ballarat for their official garden market product launch on the June 24.

Munash are a local family owned and operated company, operating in Ballarat for over 10 years. They have a passion for using natural and sustainable products to improve soil quality and the nutritional value of foods and fibre.

Costa, who is also a landscape architect, is best known as the host of the SBS TV gardening show, Costa's Garden Odyssey.

He believes gardening isn't just about knowing when to plant or how often to water or feed your garden, but sees it from a more holistic approach believing that what we put on our soil to feed our gardens can have a big impact on our greater environmental challenges.

“One of the simplest answers for reducing climate change is putting carbon back into the soil where it belongs. When you use natural fertilizers, organic soil carbon begins to be stored naturally in the soil in the form of ‘humus’ through healthier plants and root systems. It’s all about feeding the soil, not feeding the plants.

“I am excited about seeing results from Munash’s new products and sharing my experience with the Ballarat gardening community,” he said.

Munash will launch two products in their garden products range. The hero product is Rockdust, a natural mineral fertilizer which replaces what has been removed from the soil and its sidekick Renew, a liquid foliar fertilizer, developed from natural ingredients to help build healthy, balanced and fertile soil, plants and people.

Both products contribute to an international campaign to ‘remineralise the earth’ based on research established by the named organisation

The research focuses on the notion that erosion and human usage has severely demineralised soils across the world and as a result plants and the humans that consume them are not receiving the minerals and calcium required to build structural support and iron to carry oxygen.

Plants growing on mineral-depleted soil do not get nourishment required to grow and are more vulnerable to the insects, worms and fungi that destroy them. Remineralisation has the ability to aid growth of microorganisms in the soil and increase the nutrient intake of plants making them highly resistant to insects, disease, frosts, and droughts.

The organisation works closely with Ballarat based businesses to deliver the message of the benefits of sustainable soil fertilization and are currently working with Ballarat Regional

Industries to produce biodegradable product packaging.

Joint Managing Director of Munash Natural Fertilizers, Anne Munro is passionate about creating products that contribute to a universal campaign and to be able to share this knowledge and passion with the consumers and other businesses.

“We are excited to contribute to an internationally recognised sustainability project and proud to be able to manufacture products that allow other people to also contribute to the cause through using our products.

“We want to share our knowledge with people and educate them on how they can be part of significant change,” she said.

Munash also have money can’t buy passes to giveaway to 20 lucky recipients. These passes will grant you access to the official launch on June 24, where you will be able to meet Costa and the Munash team. All you have to do is submit your “biggest garden disaster” in photo or video format via the Munash Natural Fertilizer Facebook page. Entries close June 22, so be quick!

For all media enquiries please contact Munash Marketing Manager Anna Paxton on 53 345 386 or

Notes to editor:

Munash Natural Fertilizers is a family owned and operated company in Ballarat that develops and manufactures high-quality natural fertilizers for use in gardens, agriculture, horticulture, parks, and sporting venues across Australia and New Zealand.