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Sustainable is more than renewable. 

TRUE Sustainable™ addresses all environmental, economic, ecologic, human, animal, plant, microbial and technological need. As adjunct the phenomena of An Unintended Consequence is explored and can be applied to Coal Seam Gas and fracking.

coal power station

All life needs water, and so do power stations, cars and computers. Without water to cool, power cannot be produced - they are inexplicably linked... and water is becoming expensive, but it gets worse. We pay billions for desalination plants to make very expensive water - and we use good water to make the power needed to desalinate the very expensive water... no wonder prices increase, it's built in.

Power stations require cooling towers to dissipate the heat, and billions of gallons turn into steam. The USA has to find at least 136 billion gallons a day to cool their power stations and it mostly goes up as steam... of course it returns as rain, but there's several billion gallons of waste water created everyday. 

The Real Catch-22, the more power needed, the more water we have to find - until we hit the energy/water brick wall.

Renewables use very little water if any... but renewables fall short of being truly sustainable - they are only available when the wind blows and the sun shines, and this intermittence complicates delivery and is very expensive energy for the customer, although the next generation battery will solve this.

There is a return to Archimedes with human powered pumps using levers, and better washing machines, but for MW's of power we believe there is only one TRUE Sustainable™ technology available today that can deliver power and fully address all 8 sustainability criteria... fuel, emissions, water, the digging, processing and transport of fuels, energy losses, waste, reliability and affordability.  



24 hour per day

UN Climate Change Conference COP18 | CMP8

No fuel - No emissions - No pollution  
HIDRO+™ is not only renewable - it's sustainable.
To be truly sustainable we have to address all 8 criteria:

NO FEEDSTOCK No raw materials are required to fuel a machine or industrial process. NO EMISSIONS NO CO2, DUST, METHANE, HEAVY METALS, SOX, NOX, DIOXIN, FURAN. NO FRESHWATER REQUIRED to grow feedstock, steam generation, fuel washing, cooling, dispose waste. NO TRANSPORTATION No energy is used in extracting and transporting fuels or feedstock, no waste to clean up. DISTRIBUTED & DECENTRALISED - NO TRANSMISSION LOSSES No power is lost or used in transmitting power to the customer. NO DOWNSTREAM PROCESSES No toxic bi-product, no water used, no need to dispose of any waste materials. FINANCIALLY AFFORDABLE without government subsidy or funding or penalizing consumers, requires only maintenance. 100% RELIABLE 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days a year Works like clockwork. 

IS TRUE Sustainable™


LIFE IS SOIL IS SKIN DEEP  Mother Nature has called our planet home for millions of years but is now faced with a catastrophic challenge of planery proportions, a magnitude never before encounted in the entire millions of years of the planet: us. 

Exploding from 1 to 9 billion in a short 200 years - with an insatiable appetite for resource and energy - and all that such growth demands.

The planet gives us everything - not just food, water, shelter and warmth - Mother Nature enriches our lives through our 5 senses, to see, hear, taste, smell and touch, and it's a sobering reminder none are available in space.


Building soil with air, water, CO2 and sunlight with a little help from the microbial universe. 

Nature doesn't just evaporate tons of WATER and move it over mountains just to rain at your feet, nature has been doing it for millions of years. It's truly a massive display of free energy planet style, cooled by mountains and delivered free by river... but it's expensive getting it to your tap.

LAND covered with concrete or BITUMEN is recent Man at work. It's good for the economy providing roads for transport and cities for people, but of limited ecological value. Not just because it blocks soil from breathing, drinking and light, it blocks the small WATER cycle... the very next morning.

Where soil is blocked from the sun, the small water cycle suffers fast and first. 

A weak small water cycle impacts upon the large water cycle reducing land saturation subsequently resulting in ground water depletion. Ground water is your reserves, your money in the bank available when you need it. Running out of funds leads to bankruptcy. Running out of ground water is the bottom-line.

With the suns energy blocked it compounds the problem - the earth cannot process the heat - the energy cannot flow - concrete stores heat - heat accumulates - enough to fry an egg - and no rain will fall until it finds cold.

And what is the importance of soil to sun? 


Soil is the skin of the planet (without skin we cannot survive) and topsoil is a reflection of the microbial activity in the soil that makes a healthy planet... without healthy soil we would turn to sand and blow away. Only when soil is in contact with water, air, sunlight and CO2 can it function and allow the processes of life.

At TRUE Sustainable™ we believe in getting the foundations right.

There are 7 billion living organisms in one teaspoon of rich soil - more than all the people on Earth - and believe it or not, this is where we start - with the true building blocks of sustainability, the microbial interactions with water, sun, air and CO2 in soil. This eco sustainable technology is capable of providing for many more billions of people, it's Mother Natures way and it's empowering to people.

Rousevelt said, "The nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself" (Roosevelt 1937). This is even more true today. 
Soil is the Earth's skin - and we watch as her topsoil is washed into the oceans.

CO2 is Not Just in the Air
Learning to work with the planet cycles, the carbon cycle, could be considered best action for climate change and sustainability. 

The importance of microbial activity in soil, the interactions of soil and carbon - soil and water - soil and air - soil and sun... and the importance of soil as skin. 

As such we see soil as the solution and the focal point. The planet's ecology cycle is immense and complicated, and requires the team work of experts and specialists in climate and ecology, since water and soil interact with the atmosphere and heat. 

We are grateful and indebted to the abundance and beauty freely given by the amazing interactions of the water, sun, CO2 and soil of Planet Earth, and the lessons learnt, that we may share, for the betterment of mankind.


TRUE Sustainable™ - Leading Edge Ecology & Technology
The 4 Pillars: Ecology, Environment, Economy & People.

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At TRUE Sustainable™ we advocate ecological technologies to improve soil and environment - as engineers we appreciate the clean renewable power cycle and no waste - as ecologists we value the cycles ecology and  nature teaches us - and as people we appreciate the birth given right to clean air and water without pollution.

Attending to soil, re-building from the bottom up, allows atmospheric CO2 to "sink"  (soil carbon sequestration) back into the CO2 starved soil, enriching soil with carbon for food production and water storage, as-well-as buy climate change  "time" to enable a bridge to renewables whilst we engineer water sinks to re-fill aquifers untilizing every drop of water - places us on the TRUE Sustainable path.